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Autobiography of a Poet
Lover, By Name Called II

He touched me, my lover, and I called out his name.



I feel this longing to feel you up.

Taste your candy-flavored kisses, My Buttercup.

I want to lick you from head to toe and eat you up.


"Careful Lady", I say to myself.

Leave that hot young male-child on the shelf.

But, oh how exciting, you are to me.

Young fresh thing, still wet with your virginity.


Should I take your cherry? And make it mine.

Drink you down, like a full robust wine?

Are my desires for you such a crime?

You're not yet out of your teens, and I am way past mine.


Still, I taste your candy-flavored kisses, My Buttercup. And they make me

Want to lick you all over and eat you up.


Nineteen looks so inviting, to my thirty-eight.

Why should you and I be forced to wait?

When there are a hundred different positions, with you I'd like to take.

On your back, me against the wall, or in the doggy-style state.


So, give me more of those candy-flavored kisses, My Buttercup.

And let me lick you all over and eat you up.


(To all the women out there who are enamoured with a younger man.)

EKI (in the morning)


Hello De Loris

I hear his husky voice calling to me, saying my name.


Hello De Loris.

Awakening me in the morning to pleasure and passion once again.


Hello De Loris

His kisses running along the side of my neck and down my back


Hello De Loris

Hands cup my breasts and push them up to his waiting mouth


Hello De Loris

As he drives deep within me taking much and begging for more


Hello De Loris

Painted erotic pictures the sound of his voice creates in my mind


Hello De Loris

Entreaty given as he pledges to always be mine


Hello De Loris

As even from a distance I feel his need tug at me


Hello De Loris

And I answer it with my own sentient mortality.


Hello De Loris

Yes, oh yes, my dearest Eki, I am yours.


Hello De Loris

I am yours too, baby, he whispers.  Then is gone.