Autobiography of a Poet
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When he touched me I wept.

But with his kiss...his kiss.

With that caress between the tongue and lips, I exploded.


The first stroke, a glancing brush,

Caused me to shiver from head to toe.

And gasp aloud from the longing it evoked deep within.


His muffled laughter caught me too.

One quick look, down into his eyes and I knew.

Here was a master of the art of kiss, which exchanges between the tongue and lips.


Two tongues were introduced,

One long and wet, the other small, hidden away.

Was found, lengthen, and hardened, by the strokes of the one it meets.


Following which, explosions often carry.

Although the intensity of the ride may vary

When connection becomes frenzied with the tongue and between the lips. 


A kiss isn't just a kiss.

It only begins with the brushing of two pairs of lips. Softly, gently against each other. It is insistent exploration and demanding urgency. Subtle motions of tongues, entwining and sliding over the wet rough surface of like. Back and forth. Strokes deep or flickeringly shallow.

As fingers and hands come into play. Down across the cheek towards the throat. Moving to the back of the neck to pull your lover insistently nearer. Deeper forages of the tongue into anothers mouth.

It is hot, wet, carnal, and divine. It soothes a baby's tears and wets a lover's panties or head. It can consume or disown you. Inflate or deflate you. It can be the call to a hotter deeper joining or the break up of a passion, which was on its way.

No kiss is never just a kiss. A kiss is the thing of which wet dreams are made of.

Wipe the dew from the roses.
Shake the rain from the leaves;
Open your arms to embrace me,
Just love me softly, if you please.
Kiss the tears from my eyes, now.
They flow and won't keep still.
Hold me just a little longer;
And love me softly, if you will.
I called your name out in the night,
I prayed that you would hold me tight.
I just needed you to love me right,
---And hold me softly, if you please.