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Autobiography of a Poet

Like the waves of the comes in, then goes out again.

I was dreaming of laughter and love 
Two hearts in harmony
While I lay sleeping,
The visions dancing in my head.
Awoke me from a slumber, replete.
Rolled over reaching for you,
And found myself alone in my bed. 
Butdon't stop dreaming of me.
For you know that dreams do come true. 
 And if I ever let you down I too will fall. 
 So...don't stop dreaming of me. 
 For I shall be dreaming of you too.
And should you ever need me, my love, just call.

In the still, dark, silence of the night.
You sweetly come to me. 
Whispering pleasures unspoken in the day.
And as the dew kissed dawn awakes.
Delight still shivering my frame.
As I sigh your name...songe amoureux
Remembered kisses and love on my mind.

But don't stop dreaming of me.
For you know that dreams do come true.
And if I ever let you down, I too will fall.
Just don't stop dreaming of me. 
For I shall be dreaming of you, too. 
 And should you ever need my love, just call.

Don't stop

The wakeful hours are so hard to bare. 
 When you're dreaming of me, I know you care.
And I could never let you down
Cause I too would fall
All my dreams are of you 
 Believe in me, as I do you.
We will be dreaming, as one heart, no longer two.


Last night I dreamt
You were a vampyhr
Out for my blood.

And if you knew
About my facination
Youd understand my love.

There you were chasing me
Trying desperately
To make me yours.

There I was running away.
Down hallways,
And through opened doors.

Before I awakened.
You'd caught me and
Pinned me to the wall.

Before I awakened.
You'd claimed
My heart, my soul, my all.

You took me there
While I was standing.
Your fangs, they entered me.

And I moaned deeply,
As you drained me.
And then dropped to my knees.

I reached out,
Took hold of you
And clasped your length in my hand.

Determined to discover,
Where vampyhr ended.
And true man began.

Soon I had you,
Moaning and jerking.
Writhing in my clutch.

Who would have thought
That a vampyhr,
Would yield up so much.

Yes, sweetheart, last night
I dreamed you were a vampyhr.
Whod come to claim me.

But sometimes,
The claiming comes in the offering
Then we both get caught, you see.


Last night I tossed and turned on my bed,
with thoughts of you.
Desire and need coursing through my veins.
My limbs quivering in aching need.
As yearning, along my nerve endings played.
And soaked became my bed
where upon it my legs splayed.
Hands caressed my breasts.
Turgid points brushing across eager palms.
Of hands which refamiliarized themselves
over known territories.
They cupped, comforted, soothed and aroused.
Sliding slowly down my heaving stomach,
past the quaking need deep within.
Then the first gentle brush of
fingertips across bare lips.
Moist and pouty with
hard tipped tongue inside.
As searching in between for the source of my
And finger flicked over pointed tongue
Awakening shivers which were deeply felt.
While sweet tears slowly rolled out of me.
Wetting a passage for imminent entry.
Which comes.
Spread lips grin in happy acceptance.
Mouth open expectantly waiting to be filled.
It hungrily grasps my fingers. First one,
then two, and then.
Suckling them, as a babe on a teat.
And though it appeases, the longing ache remains.
To be filled with a thicker, greater length.
As erotic visions in my head play.
Then frenzied fingers rapid strokes
as other digits fly across the hardened tip.
Which stretches, yearningly; blood engorged.
So tighter, so harder, so faster, so deeper, so much, so much more
A sigh. Long and drawn out follows.
As completion settles over my spent frame.
And slumber quickly captures me.
...Until another night.