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Dropping a line to La Betenoir.


I hate my neighbor.

And it's really quite a shame;
Because she's lived above me for years.
Yet I still forget her name.

Though she constantly disturbs my peace,
With the overly loud music she play.

I hate my neighbor.

But her children I could stand.
If they were led in the right direction.
By a tender guiding hand.

And she took more time with them,
Than some half drunk man.

I hate my neighbor.

Good Christian woman that I am.
Who's suppose to love everyone
Or my precious soul will be damned.

Yet, sadly, I know I'd lead the cheer.
Should she be hauled away by a meat van.

Oh no.

I hear the floor boards above my bed creak.
Please, let it not be the stereo she seeks.
Five seconds, ten seconds, I begin to relax.

Then the blaring noise hits me.
Square between the eyes like an axe.

I hate my neighbor.

And slowly, oh slowly I start to understand.
Why the out-of-control guy,
Took a freshly sharpened blade in his hand.

Then walked those steps to his neighbor's door.
And put a permanent stop to a favorite band.

But I inhale calmly, deeply.
And exhale ever louder still.
And I find my voice raised in the next song's trill.

The words of the racket which has off-set me,
And I weep for the disloyalty to my sanity, that I feel.

Yes, I hate my neighbor.
But yesterday for a split second,
I was tempted to behave as she.