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Autobiography of a Poet
Lover, By Name Called IV

He touched me, my lover, and I called out his name.



I was caught off guard by his call.

And past hurts had taught me caution.

So I was tempted to ignore his address

But I didnt.  And that was how he caught me.

He seemed to know me before I gave him my name

And it angered me to think I was so transparent

Yet, I was held enthralled by his words

As he informed me of things, that even I had never known

And when he was ready to love me

I opened wide the door and bid him to enter.

But I called him devil and told him that I would not be seduced.

He laughed.  And then sang to me.

Songs meant for me alone.  Some created by him

He touched me, where I desired his touch most.

And held me when that too is what I required.

I was amazed that never having spoken of my needs aloud

He knew them all and begged me to let him provide a few.

Long past resistance I stretched out before him and he fed.

Then after the stars had been reached, and the citadel taken, he cried.

His pleasure, in me complete.  Mine in him made whole.

Though, there are still times, when I call him devil.

And he laughs, and then sings songs to me.


I'd lost.

For one brief moment in time,

Which to me felt like an eternity.

My ability to love.


I became a hoarder.

Gathering all my love into me

Clutching it to my breast tightly.

Sharing it with no one.


I feared.

The gift of my heart, rejected once,

Was huddled deep into darkness.

Fearing the light.


I met him.

Light flirtations, made in jest.

Taken seriously by no one, but

It amused me.


I found laughter.

Desire and a subtle shift of power

Which I'd never known, would be born.

He tempted me.


I trembled.

The jolt so faint and brief,

I never felt its wavering aftershock.

Though the impression had been made.


I opened up.

My hidden needs made known to me.

He greedily accepted them, his answering my own.

We fed off one another.


I drowsily awakened.

Slowly shyly.  But awake I did.

To discover pleasure, elation, and fascination.

I found I still could love.