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Autobiography of a Poet
Lover, By Name Called V

The deepest felt longings of my heart were sheltered and shattered here with you.


I am requesting the honor of your heart.

Simply put, give me a chance with your love.

All the fear and uncertainty,

Let it fall, fly, and pass.

Regrets and admonitions

Becoming a thing of the past.

Once given a heart expands

Once broken it contacts.

Once healed it hardens.

But I ask, humbly, for more than that.

That you take my gentle pleading

Put behind all those other lovers

Who may have proved false, for me.

I will be your honest lover and receive you selfishly.

Lover, I dont want to hurt you

I'm not out to break a heart.

But I know that there is something here,

Worth giving a brand new start.

So stop! I'm not her.

And if she couldnt appreciate what she had,

The whole embodiment of you.

Then her loss, not yours, my bad.

Stop! I'm only me,

And if some of what I say

Brings to mind words she spoke

Then know even a liar can speak anothers truths.

Loving has to have a foundation to build from.

I seek only the opportunity to prove my value.

Passion, be damned, it is only secondary

A minor addition to all that we could share.

I don't make promises of stars or the moon.

Stopping the world or making the earth move

I make only assurances of what I am,

And my heart, time and love are more than any of these are worth.

I can't give you money, jewels,

Nor the numbers which will make the lottery yours.

But what I have I'd share with you,

I make no vows, of forever after and one day more.

If you never realize, that I was meant for you

And you in turn made for me I sigh.

Regret and sorrow in that one small sound

Which is louder than thunder and more profound than a sun which novas.

Yet what I give is freely done

No coercion, or hopes for rewards

And if that just isn't enough,

Then please show me mercy and walk away.

For just as I won't hurt you

I shall not allow you to harm my heart


He knows he can have me any way he wants

And I'm half-insane with his sensual taunts

I water at both mouths from that entire grip he flaunts

I hold him firmly in my mouth like a smoker with his blunt

He can place me in any position that he chooses

For I know in the end neither one of us loses

Not a single trigger lover, the man always throws deuces

And I get caught up in the shot as I spill my juices

As I lick him from my lips

He takes me 'til I'm dry, then he spits

Makes my knees wobbly and I must sit

Damn! The mans my cryptonite...shyt

He walks in the room and I begin to drool

His bites to my neck, make me babble like a dang fool

Taught me things not learned in my school

For the job of laying me, he has the right tool

He's taken me up against the back and front door

Had me begging, doing doggy on the kitchen floor

Even fully sated I'm hoping for some more

He goes so deep that he touches me to the core

As I lick him from my lips

He takes me 'til I'm dry, then he spits

Makes my knees wobbly and I must sit

Damn! The man's my cryptonite...shyt

Have you ever known a lover, who?

Knew just what to do to you?

Have you ever had lover, who?

Could take you, make you, damn near break you too?

But even superman had his cryptonite

Batman got done in by the cat with nine lives, right?

Even Emelia Erhart got lost on her last flight

And daybreak must yield to the coming night.

Yet as I sit here and lick him from my lips

After he has taken me 'til I'm dry, then he spits

Sated with knees so wobbly that I must sit

Damn! I'm Markd by this man who is my cryptonite.... SHYT!


Once I had a lover

The man sure could love me well

But that's not my disclosure

I have another story to tell

Well the man was mighty tasty

You see I'd tasted him a time or two

But he left me miserable in Missouri

And if you've been left in this state you're in misery too.

He was delightful in the morning

And outrageous when the sun went down

His kisses were full of romance

And I sighed when he went downtown

He did long smooth stroking motions

And never tired out after the first

But he left me miserable in Missouri

Leaving me here alone and dying of thirst

He went down so very easily

And came up all nice and long

But the manner in which he took me

Is not the purpose of this song

Although the loving was addictive

Each day I craved a fix

Then he left me miserable in Missouri

Oh what low down dirty trick

The man proved unfaithful

What I thought mine was no such thing

And a lover out sharing your loving

Woe the heartbreak it will bring

Deceitful liar, you damn heartbreaker

Promises made so sweetly and not kept

You left me miserable in Missouri

Just how miserable can one woman get?

Miserable even though I wear misery well

I am miserable I feel as if I've trekked my way through hell

Oh so miserable, the agony weighs down on me

And oh what a sorry state that man left me

Me... me... me...me...me

(a song for him)