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Autobiography of a Poet
Lover, By Name Called

These tell of time marked by the short-lived delight of Mark.



He says.

  You are too bold,

  Too brash, too much.


  Aggressive woman,

  Who demands my touch.


  You want me now

  Make no mention of my worth


  Aggressive woman,

  Who holds me in her clutch.


She says.

  You are too meek.

  Too soft, too unsure.


  Timid male

  Who suppresses desire to the core


  You are in need,

  Too lost, so afraid.


  Timid male,

  Who's never experienced my kind of fire before. 


They say.

    I want you here

    Up against the wall.


    Listening to your cries,

    Of passion just before you fall.


Yet he says,

    You are too bold.

 She replies,

    Yes I am, for you.



I met him, and in that instant knew

That I wanted him.

And he wanted me too.

So I flirted.  Eventually learning his name.

Sexy male with a seductive man's frame.

Dark brown eyes of fire and need,

A smile which made me forget to breathe

We shook hands, our palms brushed then released.

An aching began inside me,

Where there once had reigned peace.

He hinted his intent.

But I boldly made known mine.

Feminine aggression spoke out my need

Masculine retreat only fired my greed.

His sensual movements as he walked across the floor.

No words were required, his movements told me more.

As deep within me a burning ache began

And wetness occurred as I fantasized about this man.

Hot wicked moments, rotations, and speed.

For in an instant so greatly had grown my need.

But when the time came that we were alone; we two.

Where I'd grown impatient

He explained that further patience would do

So I held my pent desires in check with some pain.

For I wanted this man to have me again and again.

Then he kissed me.

I gasped shocked by what I felt.

And the hard, needy urgency inside me began to melt. 

Just one sweet sigh, I knew

That here was a true lover,

In this fast paced world, where there are so few.

And I quickly looked up, with my furtive glance

For this man when he kisses, he kisses like romance.


And I who had initially been so coldly intent,

To lie with him naked, heated breaths and spent.

Recalculated my thoughts, and adjusted my mind

And yearned even more to have this man as mine

The banked fire in his eyes

And the sensual tilt of his smile

Had seduced me away from his eloquent style.

I'd seen only the passion, the sexual buzz and thrill.

And those deep brown eyes which mad my heart still

So completely intent had I been on the look,

I'd forgotten to take the time to open and read the book.

But he was smarter than I in this, and gave me a second chance.

Thank God.  For this man when he kisses, it is like sweet romance.

And so it ended.
Not with a bang,
But with a sigh, drawn from deep within.
So it ended.
Not with cries of jubilation,
For both beings felt deep sorrow and regret.
Though still it ended.
Not out of hatred,
Nor a lack of caring, or desire, and most aching need.
But it ended.
Not at my urging, but a need to beg,
Him to stay, though I would never speak aloud those words.
Yet it ended.
And I let him walk away,
Leaving behind his Mark in my resealed heart.
For although it ended.
A friend had been made.
And of the two, lover and friend, I cherish the latter the most.


You are to me as,

Awakening from a wet dream in the middle of the night

Legs splayed, deep gnawing ache within

Begging to be filled by the hard solid length of you.

You are to me as,

Ice cream being drawn across my heated flesh

Goosebumps pimpling around the turgid points lifted high on my breasts

Which yearn to be caressed by your hands, lips, tongue, and teeth.

You are to me as,

Lightening flashing across a once peaceful sky, while thunder rolls

First sight, then sound, first touch then your caught breath.

And the aftermath of the pleasure you give after having crested repeatedly.

You are to me as,

Praises being lifted up, joyful and full of resound, loud and full of divinity

Worshipful adoration, contemplated reflections, meditative thoughts

Divinity and perspective loving hopes and God's holy grace.  Yet...

You are to me as,

Breaking glass of shattered dreams, which fall away and disperse.

The sound of a broken heart which tries so hard to but never heals

For the ragged bruised surface once reconstructed remains unsealed.

You are to me as,

Falling leaves from tall grown trees whose branches now lay bare.

Cold and empty as my arms that long to hold you, but can't.

As wishes urge my head to lift up in hope, but it just won't dare.

You are to me as,

Tears in my eyes, which speak of my sorrow, though I refuse to shed

Oceans which rage, seas which won't be calmed, and rivers that flood.

An unknown road which I've traveled but still fear to tread.

You are to me, Mark'd permanently in my life

And you brought both love and pain, sunlight and rain,

Storms and clear skies, my lips and your eyes, your hand along my thighs

My gasp at your touch, but you were to me, too much