Autobiography of a Poet
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Chapter on Becoming (30 - 40)
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The Man And Woman Thing...It Still Works
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Romantic Love

Love is sometimes fanciful, and I have walked that path before. 



Where are you, my love? Where are you?

Have you forsaken me?

I'm left feeling so unloved, so unwanted.

How can you bare me to feel so?

If you could but feel my pain, hear my sorrow,

You too would cry with me.


No more do I notice the flowers,

Nor the places where they grow.

I cannot bear to hear the song birds, and

Spring holds no meaning for me.

Autumn, once so beautiful, is now just

A season changed.


Where are you? My love, where are you?

And have you lost all your love for me?



You are my heart

You are my soul;

The other half of me

Which makes me whole.


You build me up

When I'm torn down;

The strength I need

 Where weaknesses abound.


You take me higher

Than flight allows;

The marriage of souls

With unbroken vows.


You teach me, learned lessons

Where knowledge once failed;

The longed for destiny

When true love prevailed.


You are, my life, my love

My everything, my all;

The quintessential lover

In whoms love I did fall.




When I am old and gray,

No longer young and spry.

When I am old and gray,

And began to wonder why.

Will you be there for me, for always?

Will you come when I need you?

And pass the time a while with me?

                  Will you?


 When I am old and gray,

The spark has left my eyes.

When I am old and gray,

Maybe a bit more wise.

Will you be there to love me still?

Will you kiss me even then?

And drink the wine from my glass?

                Will you?


When I am old and gray,

No longer the young girl you wed.

When I am old and gray,

If either you or I are dead.

I hop to hear you in prayer for me.

O love, I loved you well.

As all the words that are dear to me,

Repeat themselves in my head.

            Will they? 

...When I am old and gray.



And with a whisper

Spoken gently into my neck,

I was made his.


Soft words of passion

Want, desire, and aching need.

Made me melt.


His lips brushed my ear

And those words filled my head and heart.

My knees weakened.


Gentleness and strength

Arms wrapped tightly around my waist.

He held me up.


And I was made his.

For those sweet words from him claimed me.

Three little words.