Hello.  Are you there?  Hello?

He beckons me.

At night when my home lies sleeping.

He calls to me.

Over the internet waves.

He speaks to me,

Of desires that we both crave.

'cause he knows all my secret desires.

That no one else ever hears.

Sinful naughty pleasures,

He whispers in my ears.

And though we both understand,

That this will never ever be.

I will always answer,

Whenever, he calls to me.

Fantasy one:

On a dark stormy night

Our car breaks down and so do we.

Abandoning all caution

To make love beneath a tree.

He undresses me slowly

Kissing every spot

And when he tastes me, I know I should halt him.

But, I also know that I will not.

Because he knows all my secret desires

That no one else ever hears.

Sinful naughty pleasures

He whispers in my ears.

And though we both understand,

That this will never, ever be.

I will always answer

Whenever, he calls to me.

Fantasy two:

He wants to drink me.

Becoming filled with my cream.

And live on the substance

While he feeds off me.

Licking me dry is his desire,

He's beyond all control.

And wont stop till he's done.

And just to replenish me of what he takes,

He spills then I feed on his cum.

For he knows all my secret desires

That no one else ever hears.

Those sinful naughty pleasures

He whispers in my ears.

Yes, we both understand

That we could never, ever be.

But I will always answer,

Whenever, he calls to me.

Autobiography of a Poet
Distance Loving
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There are many ways in which lovers meet, greet, and touch.  Here are but a few.


 Somewhere a phone rings.



It's me.

I know.  Its been a while.

How have you been?

Fine how about you?

Well.  What are you doing?

Im talking to you.

Are you alone?

Yes, I assume you are too.

I've been missing you.

And wanting me too?

Oh yes.

Brief silence.  She sighs.

What are you wearing?

Boxers nothing more.  And you?

A smile, and nothing more.

A groan.

Are you wet?

From the moment I heard your voice.

Was that all it took?

He smiles.

Honey, I have no choice.

I'm out in my hand.

Wish it were mine instead.

A breath catches.

Or maybe my mouth

He groans.

So do I.

Oh baby.

Wheres your hand?

In my lap

Your fingers?

Are wet.

Then come sighs.


Groans and excitations.

Whispered entreaties.

Ravaged breathing and

A name groaned,

A name shouted.


That was great.  You are so good hun.

Really? I thought it was you.

We shouldnt wait so long between loving

No.  But, your wife

Your husband.



Theres the door.  I have to go.

Wait, when will you be free again?

Friday afternoon.

I'll call you.

I'll be waiting.

Bye my




He licks his lips in anticipation,

Of that which he craves.

Sweet unguent nectar only she gives.

She sucks on her finger,

Lips wrapped in preparation.

For that thick engorged digit of him.

But miles and distance separate,

And aching depth will not be filled.

Nor sword sheathed to the hilt.

Just as head shall go,

Unwashed, in natures flow.

As cavern remain unexplored.

So he who cannot,

Be turned form his intent.

Takes sword in hand then strokes it.

Smooth hard length,

Pointing out and upward.

Ready to do battle with fist.

And she who weeps,

In need and desire.

Cups hand over mouth to staunch the flow.

Which seeps steadily,

From tightly stretched opening.

Which only his log dam can plug.

Yet, miles and distance,

Separate the two.

So, they make do with frenzied substitutions.

Of hand and fist,

And fingers and thumb.

And whispered anxious longings over the phone.

Walk with me dearest and let's travel this land.