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Autobiography of a Poet
The Man And Woman Thing...It Still Works

Amazingly the more that men and women dismiss each other, they continue to connect.


Arrogant fool believes he's bulletproof
Thoughtless 'Nut sac' which thrives on destruction
Two headed animal but neither used for thinking.
One's use is for carrying his hat, the other for reproduction.
Walking around with his dick out

And he plants his seed indescriminantly
Never staying around to watch it grow
Only passing through on occasion to view from a distance
That which was created from copiously liquid he allowed to flow.
Walking around with his dick out

Must have misplaced his brains
For he only thinks with his wick
With two dried berries dangling beneath a withered vine
Unlit candle, bent, dripping, and slick.
Walking around with his dick out.

He uses it as a weapon then calls it love.
He tries to adorn it with reflection
Then he forgets the name of his first-born
Standing there pretending introspection.
Walking around with his dick out.

King of all he surveys, he's trekked through many valleys
Forested tufts and lips laid bare.
Rutting through, mostly unnoticed
And never realizing what he's left there.
...hey the Emperor has no raincoat!

And the fool is still walking around with his dick out.


I heard him calling to me.
And answered because it amused me to do so.
Strong assured male seeking,
Wondering if he'd found it in me.
Suggestively I obliged.

He yeilded most sweetly,
Eager in his sub-restraint.
Hard, full, pulsing and head wet.
Reposed in anticipation, for his ravishment.
Rightfully, I obliged.

Man of timid intentions,
Wanting to hand over all control.
But with limited concerns.
Coyly, offered to me his sub-virginity.
Intentionally, I obliged.

For he had come seeking,
And in his desire to be,
Found me awakening.
Being released from my dormant sleep.
Agressively, I obliged.

Frightened by his needs,
He balked and attempted retreat.
My advance was certain and sure.
Dominant beast within was in full reign.
Forcefully, I obliged.

He accepted paddled caresses.
I adorned him in striped buttocks and thighs.
Reddened tip, kissed with pearled essence.
Welcomed my open palm's sharp introduction.
Repeatedly, I obliged

I the possessor of his will and honor,
Danced strap and crop with a painter's skill.
Staining his pale skin,
To the music of his moans and his entreaty.
Masterfully, I obliged.

He thirsted, begging me for drink.
Supplicant before his Mistress.
Wanting to be quenched by my golden waters.
Which splashed into his waiting mouth and over his dry
Rightfully, I obliged.

And when the night was done,
Checkerboard patterns lay across his back.
Loving colors of red, pink, and black.
Interspersed becoming a rainbow testament of my devotion.
He begs my discharge, and as his Mistress...
I oblige.