Autobiography of a Poet
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In and Out of Love
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Through Depression
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A true friend is one of the most valuable commodities on this planet.


He spoke sweet words of comfort

Told me what I needed to hear

To be strong, to hold on to remember.

He laid my head on his shoulder

Wrapped arms of solace across mine

Holding, gentling, reassuring.

He kissed my brow in understanding

Kisses fell softly upon my face

Closed my eyes, tasted tears, soothed my lips.

He was a friendly man, who proved a friend

Companion, who helped me through a trial

Strong, gentle, kind heart.

And to him I give my thanks

To him who understood my pain.

And helped to ease it, when none other tried.



We were friends, who wanted to be lovers.

But lovers touch in a different manner.

Friendship of laughter, flirtation, and quiet acceptance.

But a lovers are heated glances, tangled limbs.

Husky laughter and whispered words.

Shy moments and strain.  Effort.


We were friends, who wanted to taste lovers kisses.

But the lips of a friend brush lightly.

Gentle, quick caress unencumbered by urgency.

Those of a lover, often return for more.

Becoming fevered, intense, a sensual mating.

Wet and wild, bringing both lips and tongues into play.


We were friends, who longed to be held in one anothers arms.

But where friends arms bring and offer a kiss across the brow.

 Comfort, understanding, a haven from harm.

Embracing the holder and the one offering the embrace.

The arms of a lover smooth down the back over the hips,

The breast, the chest, with pelvis thrust, joined, connected.


So, we where friends who became lovers.

Then lovers, who remained friends.

(For Rorry)



If I weep, for all the lost moments,

Conversations and the friendship knot.


If I speak to you in passing,

Forgive me please, I just forgot.


If I have a special moment and

I call you up to share.


Please forgive me, but just for a moment.

I forgot you no longer care.


If I miss you just a little.

And it grows into a lot.


And I tend to feel you near me,

Turn around and you are not.


Just forgive me; please forgive me.

I'm only just remembering.


Other past times, other glories and,

How it felt to have a friend.