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Autobiography of a Poet
Between Man and Woman

What flows between man and woman, is sometimes mist, then other times brick wall.



He strolls; glides; poses,

Before me in his maleness.

Strong, gentle lover who takes me high.

With the scent of his male cologne.

It moves through me strongly.

Deeply, deeply I inhale him.

Taking and savoring his essence.

Secretly feeding off its potent display

As it fills me; feeds me.

And it swims inside me

Spreading through my blood stream.

As I, like a drunken sailor

Become intoxicated on the scent.

Hungry wanton that I am.

I long to devour him. He whose smell

Tempts me, then taunts me, and makes me weak.

It is individual. And to each male unique.

My body reacts to his aroma, like I've just been stroked by tongue.

My nipples harden, and low in my belly I ache.

As wetting myself I throb deliciously.

Opening to receive even more of the man.

The senses of touch, sight, sound, taste.

Following second, in this case, to the sense of smell.


...And the scent of a man.



Indolent man, reclining upon the sofa,

Head back, legs splayed, hands beckoning me near.


Insolent male, who eyes me hungrily,

Pelvis thrust, lips pursed, tongue tempting my own.


Insufferable man, who unwittingly turns me on,

Hands here, teeth there; enticing my flow.


Intolerable male, knowing me better than I know myself.

Teases me; Tempts me; Tantalizes.




I-the seduced-bow to your seductive ways.

I-the tempted-yield to your provocative taunts.


I-the pleasured-rapture in your guiding hands.

Yet-I do so- only because it is also what I want.



From out of darkness light emerged.

From within the brightness a shadow arose.

And from this beginning was born the conflict of woman and man.


Some argued that light had sliced through the dark veil.

Ripping open its oneness, it completeness.

Others said the darkness was swallowing the light.

Intent upon its own needs; smothering its glow.

So began the war between the sexes; called male and female.

And the fight which reigned form generation to generation.

From boy child to young daughter.

Through periods of peace when, harmony short-lived was breached.

Caution caste to the winds and quick, hurried comings together.

Which were more like battles fought on the battle field.

Than the time honored tradition of a cease fire.

Creating new beings, with new lives, but like destinies.

Like passions, like pretenses, like perversions, like prejudices.


So, how then, does humanity survive?

While light and darkness continues its fight for supremacy?


It doesn't. It only co-exists.



Tempt me not with your vain-glorious ideas of perfection.

For who are you to tell me what is beauty to my eyes?

When he, from his taunt glistening abs and sculpted form,

Of multi-ebon'd hues of dark, tan, and brown.

And deep burning eyes, full sensual lips. Nostrils flared.

Whispers naughty demands to my greedy ears

As I wallow contentedly in the loving embrace

of the beautiful Ebony Man.


He is father, brother, friend, lover.

Teacher, protector, confessor, caresser.

He holds me, scolds me, enfolds me, cajoles me.

His indubitable loving, of which I crave, emboldens me.

The unchecked heat of his loving implodes in me.

Washing away lies, and telling me dark truths.

As I quake deep within, raving over the magnificence

of the Ebony Man.