Autobiography of a Poet
Chapter on Becoming (18 -30)
Chapter on Childhood (9 - 17)
Chapter on Becoming (18 -30)
Chapter on Becoming (30 - 40)
Chapter on Becoming Pt. Two
Chapter on Being a Mother
Between Man and Woman
Still Working it Out Between Man and Woman
The Man And Woman Thing...It Still Works
Lover, By Name Called
Lover, By Name Called II
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Lover, By Name Called V
In and Out of Love
Still Falling In and Out of Love
Romantic Love
Distance Loving
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Through Depression
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Learning to become the strong woman.

I Write

 I tried to dance,

 But my feet wouldn't move.

 My spirit stifled, manacled

 By the bonds of indifference.


 I wanted to sing,

But my voice was stilled.

As my heart shriveled inside me.

And died a death of retreat.


I needed to speak,

But my words were garbled.

And my passions retarded.

Pushed back into the hollow, that was despair.


So, instead I wrote.


The words danced around my mind,

As I put pen to paper; oh song of delight.

While I spoke volumes,

To the masses who would read them.


My spirit soared, as my

Heart beat out a tattoo of emotions.

That was too many,

To contain deep inside me.


Me. I wrote. 



From out of childhood's loneliness,

From hope, which quickly became despair.

From my footsteps constant unrest,

From my dreams which proved a nightmare.


From where my doubts became my fears,

From where my hope soon disappeared.

From where my life became many years,

From hatred my head reared.


From the name my mother laid on me,

From the calls of gentlemen.

From my lovers loving came me,

From a thought left unremem'd.


From the mist in which I solidified,

From the final discourse, respite.

From the darkness made now into light,

From out of this stepped I.




Through every situation

There'll be a re-creation.

For every possible cause

Somewhere there'll be a pause.

Either there'll be love

Or there'll be no thought of such.

Distinctions, trivialities,

Disbeliefs, lost realities,

Probable evasions,


Distinct possibilities,

Grand tranquilities.

Cast in dark shadows,

Love that's grown shallow.

Breaks in relations,

Dawning revelations.

Crass sensations,

Life's procreation.

Peace for short times.

Passion that's sublime.

We live.

We love.

We die.